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Hydroform USA was founded in 1982 by Mr. Larry Brevik, who was also the founder of B-2-M Industries, a stretchforming & fabrication company, and CMI, a chemical milling service for the airframe industry, and, both had been in business for many years.​  At the time of HFUSA's inception, Larry offered Mr. Chester Jablonski, the current owner and chairman, 30% of the company and the title of Operations Manager.  The location then was 222 W. El Segundo Bl, Los Angeles. In 1985, after earning his degree in Business Administration, Chester's son, Kerry Jablonski, joined the company as the 8th employee, and is the current President of HFUSA.

In 1989, B2M & HFUSA collaborated to start a CNC machining company, Bend Incorporated, that would ultimately replace the more manual methods of creating flat patterns for hydroform & brakeform parts as well as trimming & drilling contoured & complex-shaped stretchform parts.

Due to ailing health, Mr. Brevik sold his shares in B-2-M and Bend to HFUSA in 1992, and all three companies were consolidated into one: Hydroform USA.  At the same time in 1992, HFUSA moved to its current location at 2848 E 208 St., Carson, California now occupying 121,000 sq. ft. of factory space on 7 acres.

In the beginning, and now a c
ompany motto, Chester has challenged his employees to find Faster, Better, & Leaner way
s of doing all aspects of our business to create more value for our customers by simply asking:                                                         "Is There a Better Way?"

Hydroform USA operates as a subcontractor to the original equipment manufacturers of the aerospace industry.  We manufacture parts and assemblies to customer furnished design requirements, however, we design & build all tooling as may be required.  HFUSA provides high-volume, small lot runs with diverse forming, fabrication and machining equipment with large capacity.  For 40 years now, HFUSA has led the way in all sheet metal & extrusion applications by employing lean practices to manage large build packages.

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