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Thank you for your interest in being an approved supplier of Hydroform USA!  We are committed to your ongoing success that includes guidance, documentation and more.  If you are interested in becoming an approved supplier of ours, please continue reading.  

We screen our supply chain to ensure quality, reliability and adherence to all applicable local, state, federal and customer design requirements.  The below standards, terms and conditions apply to all suppliers who furnish certified products and services that will ultimately be shipped to our customers.  If you find that your company is willing and able to comply with these standards, terms & conditions, then click on the "Contact Us" tab and send us an email to the "Purchasing Dept" stating your intentions and we'll be sure to follow up with you.

Hydroform USA operates as a subcontractor to Original Equipment Manufacturers of the aerospace industry.  We manufacture detail parts and assemblies to customer furnished designs for both military and commercial applications.

In addition to applicable customer/prime contractor requirements and standard terms/conditions flow down (attached); all Hydroform USA suppliers and Potential Suppliers should be aware of their contribution to product, service conformity, product safety and the importance of ethical behavior;

  • Supplier Contribution to Product or Service Conformity -- (The role of every Hydroform USA supplier in achieving first time quality)

  • Supplier Contribution to Product Safety -- (The role of every Hydroform USA supplier in usage and safety of product to include: FOD Control, Control of Nonconforming Outputs, Control of Counterfeit Parts, Shelf-life Controls, Storage and Handling conditions, etc.)

  • The Importance of Ethical Behavior -- (The role every Hydroform USA supplier has providing accurate and forthright information regarding the status of product -- to include non-conformance).

  • Suppliers providing raw materials, subcontracting, or processing services used in the manufacture of the finished product provided to Hydroform USA, Inc., are required to maintain compliance with advanced quality system requirements, as applicable (ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q 9003 or equivalent, AS 9100, and NADCAP). OEM/prime contractor granted approvals and qualification may also be required.

  • All suppliers evaluated by Hydroform USA, Inc. for inclusion to the Approved Supplier List are required to adequately complete and sign a Supplier Survey form and agree to Hydroform USA terms and conditions.

  • Suppliers added to Hydroform USA, Inc. "Approved Supplier List," are subjected to continuous monitoring for quality and delivery performance and must maintain minimum performance standards to retain approval status.



             Hydroform USA, Hydroform USA’s customer or government representatives shall be granted the right to verify that product conforms to P.O.                 requirements.



            Hydroform USA, Hydroform USA’s customer or government representatives shall be granted right of entry to the subcontractor’s plant when                requested, to review records, to perform inspections, witness testing, or to perform quality system surveys and audits at any level of the                        supply chain when requested.


              1. The subcontractor shall be approved by Hydroform USA’s customer. When such approval is required by applicable specification, the                              supplier will assure that their approval is current. Such approval does not grant inspection authority.

              2. The subcontractor will notify Hydroform USA’s QA Department immediately in writing when their approval is withheld or if their system or                      specification is disapproved when the subcontractor is performing work for Hydroform USA to that system or specification. Supplier shall                      also notify Hydroform USA of any changes in product and/or processing at the manufacturing location performing the work and                                      throughout the entire supply chain.


             The supplier is required to comply with advanced quality system requirements (i.e., ISO 9000, AS 9100, and NADCAP) when such approval is               required by the prime customer. Supplier shall (at every level of the supply chain) be required to retain their records (for the applicable                           Purchase Order given) for a period of 10 years.


            Subcontractors shall notify Hydroform USA’s QA Department when performing work that produces characteristics which cannot be verified                  upon receipt at Hydroform USA.


            Supplier will monitor key characteristics when a key characteristic is flowed down by Hydroform USA on a Purchase Order.


              1. Certifications on work performed shall be supplied with shipment.

              2. Mill certifications are required for raw material and hardware. Lab certifications will not suffice.

              3. Hydroform USA will flow down a list of revisions of specifications. If the supplier has a later revision, this later revision shall be used. The                        revisions will be noted on the certification which will be supplied with shipment.


            Supplier will document any nonconformance on their own internal rejection document, identify the hardware (i.e.:“red tag”) and ship to                          Hydroform USA for final disposition, Attn: “Hydroform USA Material Review Representative.”


           Supplier will be in full compliance with the provided list of FAR / DFAR clauses to the extent they are applicable. The supplier will ensure flow               down of these clauses to all subtiers at every level.


           All suppliers shall have a system in place that prevents the unintended use of Counterfeit Parts and Materials from being delivered to                             Hydroform USA and all customers at every level. All suppliers shall establish a program (based on NAS412) that prevents Foreign Object                       Debris / Foreign Object Damage from being shipped to Hydroform USA and our end item customers. The objective of Hydroform USA FOD                   Prevention Program is to promote product safety and the preservation of end item products we manufacture and ship to our customers.


            Hydroform USA periodically receives Purchase Orders from our customers that are ITAR restricted, and Hydroform USA must ensure that the                comprehensive manufacture and operational compliance to the requirements set forth in the Arms Export Control Act of the Defense Trade                  Controls Office for ITAR Regulations are met. Therefore should any ITAR approved supplier be given a purchase order from Hydroform USA,                the strict requirements of ITAR must be met and the customer specific requirements of that purchase order shall be flowed down to the                          applicable supplier, and then reviewed by Hydroform USA upon receipt.

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