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We employ several certified testing methods to ensure the quality of our processes and products that we manufacture meet our customer's expectations.  Our employees are trained to the highest fabrication benchmarks and are empowered to comply with strictest environmental standards as well.

All of our In-house Testing listed below is NADCAP Accredited through the "Performance Review Institute," which complies with our customer's specifications, and State & local regulatory agencies:  

  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

  • Corrosion Resistance/ Salt Spray Tests

  • Etch Rate Determination

  • Chemfilm/Anodize Coat Weight Detemination

  • Paint Adhesion Test (Wet & Dry Tape Test)

  • Solution Testing Analysis including weekly tritation for our Etch Line, Chemfilm Line, & Anodize Line

  • Heat Treat Glycol Quenchant Viscosity Testing

  • Hardness Testing of Materials

  • Electrical Conductivity Testing of Materials

  • Tensile Testing of Materials (tensile, yield & ductility)

  • Computerized Coordinate Measuring Machines, including precise & portable articulating CMMs, Laser Trackers, & Laser Scanners

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