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Faccine 3134 4-Rolls Plate Rolling Machine

Rollforming up to 120" wide x 1/2" thick Plate, with Numeric Control Automation

Rollform 9-2-22 4.jpg
Rollform 9-2-22 3.jpg
Rollform Action 9-26-22 d.jpg
Rollform Action  9-26-22 a.jpg

Farnham Roll Form Press
max part size: 24' wide x .090" thick Sheet Metal
Leading Edges, Fuselage Skins

Rollform 9-2-22 30 (2).jpg
Rollform Parts 9-6-22 4.jpg
Rollform 9-2-22 12.jpg

Farnham Roll Form Press:

max part size 12' wide x .063 thick Sheet Metal for

Leading Edges & Fuselage Skins

Small Farnham Roll & Operator.webp
Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 11.42.31 AM.png
Rollform Parts 9-6-22 9.jpg

Knuth KPB 61 NC

Rollform 9-2-22 19.jpg

  Knuth KPB 61 NC 

Extrusion, Sheet, & Tube Roll Form Press with digital controls

2010 Roll 3.JPG
Copy of Screen%2520Shot%25202021-03-11%2520at%252012_edited.jpg
Buffalo Roll Type OA 1955 Pg19_001.jpg

HFUSA has a long history in roll forming aerospace parts just like this historical machine made back in 1955.  It 
not only has sentimental value but continues to make close tolerance parts to this day.  It's principle features are
the outgrowth of cooperation with prominent aircraft builders like: Boeing Airplane Co., Beech Aircraft Co., 

Douglas Aircraft Co., Grumman Aircraft Eng. Co., Lockheed Corp., North America Aviation, Northrop Corp.,
Marietta Aircraft Assembly Plant., Vultee Aircraft Co., U.S. Navy Air Station, Alameda, Ca.

Buffalo Type "OA" Bending Roll

Buffalo OA Rollform Machine

Rollform 9-2-22 23.jpg
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