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In-house design & build capabilities for all types of forming, trimming, drilling, machining, inspection and assembly tools.

 We use the most effective design & build techniques available to manufacturers of aerospace airframe tooling products.  For legacy projects, we utilize reverse engineering techniques that incorporate sophisticated equipment, such as 3-D Laser Scanners and Laser Trackers.  For modern projects, we extract 3-D Model data sets using Dassault CATIA and Siemans NX advanced design & manufacturing software.

We provide in-house design & build of

all types of production ready aerospace

airframe tooling, including:

  • Hydroform Blocks

  • Stretchform Blocks

  • Hot-Form Joggle dies

  • Machining Vacuum Fixtures

  • Conventional Hand-Rout & Drill Fixtures

  • Class-A Progressive Tool & Die

  • Assembly Jig & Fixtures

  • Inspection Fixtures  ...and More

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